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Globe Group are firm believers that a workplace where diversity is championed and difference is celebrated, is a workplace that will continue to thrive well into the future. We understand that no two people have the same background, just as we understand that the daily struggles faced by individuals can differ vastly but are all equally valid.

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Globe Group is committed to building a workplace culture that is inclusive, supportive and successful. Since our operations began over 10 years ago, we have recognised that a significant part of success comes from attracting candidates that offer different skills and approaches. Often, these traits are developed from backgrounds that have overcome adversity; backgrounds that are textured, culturally diverse and have varied life experiences.

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Diversity is celebrated

Globe Group is proud to maintain partnerships with people from all walks of life, especially those who may have not been given the same opportunities as others. The celebration of diversity is woven into the fabric of Globe Group, as such, we are proud to share the following Diversity and Inclusion initiatives:

Globe Group Pathways Program


One of the ways we support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce is through the Globe Group Pathways program. This program aims to encourage, support and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to achieve their career goals.


We are committed to supporting and improving employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our Globe Group Pathways program provides a platform wherein all candidates can best demonstrate their capabilities and trust that they will be assessed fairly and without barriers.


We believe it is our social and personal responsibility to celebrate diversity and we are proud to offer a program that has enabled a plethora of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to succeed in their industry of choice.

Best Practice

Globe Group’s Pathways Program has been designed to incorporate best-practice principles to attract and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our business.

Globe Group Pathways Culturally Inclusive Recruitment Program includes:

  1. Internal cultural competence and cross-cultural awareness
  2. Indigenous liaison coordinator
  3. Best-practice candidate attraction methodology
  4. Inclusivity applied to all aspects of the recruitment process
  5. Best-practice assessment and selection methodology
  6. Utilising Indigenous assessors
  7. On-the-job mentoring
  8. Job ready programs
  9. Representation of Indigenous employees
  10. Candidate care
  11. Culturally safe environment
  12. Cultural inclusivity within the workplace
  13. Training Programs
  14. Community relationships
  15. Indigenous participation planning

Gender Equality

At Globe Group, we recognise that majority of the industries we work with are male-dominated. We understand that for women, approaching industries that are so heavily populated with men could be intimidating and seem non-inclusive. Globe Group is committed to removing the barriers that women face in the workplace. We firmly believe in attracting, recruiting and retaining the best workers and assessing every individual fairly.

Globe Group acknowledge that through attracting more women into the workplace, each of our partner industries will benefit from individual skills, new ideas, and a richer workplace culture. We are actively working to ensure women will feel free and supported to take advantage of the fantastic career opportunities available from working with Globe Group.

Physical Abilities

Globe Group is committed to building inclusive workplaces for people who live with varied abilities. Globe Group recognises that living with a disability can mean being faced with barriers in the workplace. As such, we create a diversity-positive attitude and remove these barriers to enable people who experience disability to be attracted, recruited, retained and supported.

We are proud to have workplace systems that celebrate diversity and enrich our working culture.

Skilled Migrant/English as a Second Language (ESL)

Globe Group supports skilled migrant workers and those who speak English as a second language (ESL) in every aspect of our operations. We work hard to ensure that skilled migrant and ESL peoples are attracted, recruited, retained and encouraged to accomplish their career goals with Globe Group.

Throughout our recruitment process, we employ a best-practice hiring technique to ensure that each candidate is assessed fairly and without bias. Partnering with migrant and ESL workers isn’t only beneficial for the individual, but also for Globe Group.

Our company is enriched by the skills of each of our employees and a diverse workplace allows Globe Group to thrive and adapt as we continue to grow into the future.