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At Globe Group, we provide personnel that not only present with a great work ethic but that can assimilate into our clients business ethos. We offer consistent delivery of a complete workforce management platform strengthened by our service guarantee. We provide online application, registration and induction programs with the backing of a strong team of dedicated recruitment personnel to support you.

We understand it is imperative that we support our clients in achieving their business goals. Our industry experience has taught us that having the right people on your team is integral to any company’s success. The team at Globe Group are committed to supporting your business through the strategic recruitment and integration of a skilled workforce.

Workforce Management

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Our consistent delivery of a complete project workforce management platform backed up with consistent uncompromised service allows you to achieve project objectives faster.

Cost effective solutions

Our intimate knowledge of industry, allows us to ensure value enhancing partnerships through a tailored service for specific workforce needs, ultimately ensuring maximum benefit for expenditure.

Innovative quality-driven systems

To ensure maximum momentum for our clients, we are committed to constant innovation of quality driven processes and systems. Online registration, induction, timesheeting and more!

Proactive labour hire team

We understand that the changing needs of our clients requires us to make things happen, not wait until it happens. The labour hire and recruitment team at Globe Group are proactive adapters!

Why clients switch to Globe and why they stay


HR Manager

Ascot Air

"Staff performance is no longer our issue to deal with, we completely outsource our risk with Globe and get flexibility of our staff numbers when we need it."

Cost Effective, Innovative and Proactive Solutions

In recruitment and integration, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our team works closely with clients and employees to tailor a fit that aligns with the goals of both parties. We aim to supply personnel who will not only provide practical skills but quickly assimilate into the company’s cultural ethos.

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