RDS Group

Katy Gurney

“Every time we get busy, labour hire becomes an important part of our business and project completion. Globe’s team understand this and the people are really good to deal with. We have very experienced Site Managers with high standards and very specific requests - of trades and locations. The quality of Globe’s candidates is the highest and we aren’t worried about guys not showing up. Globe’s screening of staff is a strength, it saves us a lot of work in checking qualifications, tickets, experience and skills. They put in the work up-front and if they can’t get us what we need they tell us the truth straight away. Their service is really good, they do a lot of vetting compared to other labour hire providers to make sure the guys on our sites are a good fit for the work. Globe’s digital systems make our process easy, direct and very accurate. Our accounts are accurate and 100% transparent - it has taken away human error, time and stress.”