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Over the years, Globe Group has had myriad conversations with clients discussing the juggling act of running a business. We know that sometimes, between balancing workflow, targets, project management, workplace culture and all the cogs that need to be turning in unison to make a business thrive – it doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day.

It’s this firsthand understanding that has fuelled the development of Globe Group’s outsourced payroll services for our clients.

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Simply by using our secure online platform, your team members can submit their completed timesheets directly to our payroll team in seconds. Our team handles it from there to ensure your employees are delivered their accurate remuneration on time, every time.

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Payroll Solutions

The variety of workplace agreements, rates, allowances and rules that apply in construction can be complex. Combine that with the high volume of individual workers across dozens of sites every day and you can understand why we have become payroll experts.

Our team has a wealth of collective experience in handling the specific brand of payroll relevant to our partner industries. Our payroll services have been built with the key intention that utilising our team’s expertise will allow our clients to focus on more pressing matters – like reaching their company’s goals and hitting those targets.

For this reason, we have made our payroll process as digital and stress-free for our clients as possible.

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Katy Gurney

RDS Group

"Globe’s digital systems make our process easy, direct and very accurate. Our accounts are accurate and 100% transparent - it has taken away human error, time and stress."