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Process & Technology are central to our business

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Technology innovation has played a pivotal part in the growth of our business. We are firm believers that a solid technology platform allows us to significantly deliver a faster and more effective outcome for our clients. Innovation of our internal process framework will continue to rank as a top priority for the Globe Group.

Globe Group is committed to the highest standards of our candidates on site. The highest quality data, processes and efficiencies that advanced technology can provide, allows us to operate competitively while staying compliant with the long list of legislation that applies to our industry. For over a decade we have invested in the highest quality technology inside our company and on site for our candidates and clients to make sure it is all about the work and not about the paperwork.

Workflows and processes that are automated inside Globe


  • Candidate application and on-boarding
  • Applicant workflow
  • Automated candidate / job matching


  • Digital and mobile timesheet completion
  • Digital timesheet amendments
  • Digital and mobile timesheet approval


  • Automated timesheet processing
  • Automated contract generation
  • Automated site safety audit scheduling

Digital Solutions

  • Digital signature of contracts
  • Digital Pay and Award interpretation
  • Digital Pay calculation

Why clients switch to Globe and why they stay


Katy Gurney

RDS Group

"Globe’s digital systems make our process easy, direct and very accurate - it has taken away human error, time and stress."

Next Generation Recruitment CRM Systems

We have adopted next-generation recruitment CRM systems that acts as the central hub for everything to do with assignments, contacts, candidates and clients. Our systems are customisable to ensure maximum efficiencies for our clients, field team personnel and internal team members.

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