PRIDE in Construction


Many individuals, mega-corporates & marketing managers around the world spend a lot of time during June trying to appeal to a specific audience to improve their commercial success. Often, these campaigns are directed toward the LGBTIQA+ flag, depicting diverse workforces or explaining how their business has decided to employ a particular minority group to try and better themselves.

Unfortunately, this is often a one-off focus on diversity, and many go as far as making a product specifically designed to cash in on the Pride Month festivities by altering their product’s appearance with a rainbow-esque design.

However, when done correctly and legitimately, this can become an effective marketing tool by a supportive business. One that continually welcomes people without bias and judgement is often a refreshing sight within the greater community.

But how does a company operating in a male-dominated industry, such as Construction & Labour Hire, successfully onboard a diverse workforce without making it a huge deal?

The answer may be more straightforward than we think. They don’t see colour, sexuality, age, or race as a determining factor during the hiring process – nor do they consider it. Construction often gets painted with a specific brush that it is not overly accepting of such diversity and is still a challenge today.

Chief of Operations & Culture at Globe Group, Tane Winiana, commented, “It’s almost like an entire generation of personal prejudice, bias, and discrimination has been washed out of the industry in many places, and it shows. As an openly Gay Male, I’ve personally never felt more welcome & accepted in a position/company during my 20-year career”.

Globe Group is predominantly staffed by a strong female team internally, many of which have been with the business for over ten years. More recently, hiring a diverse range of personnel from various countries & backgrounds, Globe prides itself on hiring the best person for the job, regardless of their background.

“In relation to our teams on the ground in Construction, Civil & Landscaping, the majority of our LGBTIQA+ team members are immediately accepted without question, as they should be. Acceptance and embracing diversity on a site is based on a person’s ability to do the job rather than other factors such as cultural background or lifestyle.

The Construction Industry has had to evolve and become a much more accepting space. “Highly skilled and motivated staff need to feel welcome and wanted, especially now with a severe skilled labour shortage in Australia.”

Labour scarcity has significantly contributed to a construction shortfall across the country as unemployment rates remain at 3.9% (1). On a positive note, there has been a minor increase in people looking for work as international borders reopen and skilled workers return to the country.

“All our community can ask is to be treated with respect & acceptance, like everyone else. Super simple stuff. There is more work to be done; there is no denying that, but I feel it is changing for the better.”

June is PRIDE month, a celebration of diversity, inclusion and acceptance, and a reminder of LGBTIQA+ history. Show your support for your fellow team mates, let them know you are supportive of them! If you or someone you know requires support or wants to talk, there are organisations out there to help:


QLife (by Lifeline) – Website1800 184 527

QLife provides Australia-wide anonymous LGBTI peer support and referral for people wanting to discuss various issues.

MATES in Construction 642 111

MATES provides suicide prevention through community development programs on sites and by supporting workers in need through case management and a 24/7 helpline.

For more information on how Globe Group can support your pathway into construction, reach out via our contact page and we’ll be in-touch.

(1) – Australian Bureau of Statistics (Unemployment rate)