Having trouble finding quality candidates in the era of COVID?

2020 will surely go down in history as not only the year of the great Coronavirus pandemic but also mark the beginning of a global shift in the way we do business.

Dramatic changes in the workplace and how we live, has left many of us re-thinking our priorities and our futures.

We watched as dreams were continually shattered with a multitude of companies closing their doors permanently and saw unemployment still at 7% in October 2020. The job keeper and job seeker allowances only provided a temporary crutch while people scrambled, and the government struggled to instil consumer confidence and boost a shaky economy.

There is no doubt that the initiatives and allowances helped in providing a safety net to tens of thousands of organisations and individuals, but what does the job market look like twelve months on as a result?

If you are one of the lucky ones that survived the pandemic you may find yourself in a position of needing to hire or re-hire staff. Logically you would be safe to assume there is an abundance of qualified candidates on the market just waiting and ready to go… however this is not necessarily the case.

Roles requiring higher skills, certifications or prior experience are not being filled as easily or as fast as pre Covid times. High unemployment levels are resulting in more applications from unqualified or ill-fitting candidates.


This is leaving employers struggling to secure quality talent and asking the question, ‘Where have all the good people gone?’


Well for starters, the pandemic has given many workers the chance to step back and evaluate their employment situation. Time off and working from home has afforded them the opportunity to look at their work/life balance and they are quickly discovering what’s most important to them.

The job seeker trends have changed with job security now rated as the number one priority.  Two out of three candidates would rather trade a higher salary for this anomaly, and many are choosing a work/life balance over higher paying jobs. It seems Australians are taking a more risk-averse approach to their future careers and preferring to take a drop in pay over high stressed positions offering greater renumeration.

Another challenge has arisen with more individuals now looking at what they want in a workplace. Many are taking the time to research organisational values as well as the responsibilities towards staff. This is becoming a key factor in their decision to apply for new roles.

According to Workplace Intelligence, 70% of job seekers want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion. By its very definition, workplace intelligence is described as, ‘the art of creating a better experience of work that drives tangible business results.’

If this doesn’t mean anything to you, then it should. In fact, it should mean everything with your employees spending at least a third of their day at work.

Companies that have not already started, will need to focus more internally to assess the organisational culture if they want the best candidates to apply to them.

The changes in the marketplace aren’t just with candidates and companies. Recruiting agencies have had to adapt their procedures to accommodate and comply with Covid safe guidelines and restrictions. As a result, many recruiters are actively embarking on a path of self-learning and growth as part of their new normal.

Virtual hiring has become the safe way for both parties to connect and an increase in the use of technologies has made it possible to interview and onboard candidates without ever having to meet in person.

Despite the market and economy still in a place of uncertainty, individuals are taking more into consideration when it comes to deciding whether to apply… or not to apply.


So, what does this all mean?

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