Globe + Xref – Better Together

Globe uses an International Market Leader in reference checking, Xref, to ensure that candidates placed are fully verified & group compliance is maintained at the highest level.

Modern technology has significantly impacted how we interact, recruit and tackle hurdles, often head-on. No matter what side of the construction industry we’re working on, it’s essential that we evolve with modern recruitment techniques in mind, and Xref gives us a distinct advantage.


This benefits our customers through offerings:


Standardization and consistency

Xref provides a standardized reference-checking process, ensuring consistency across all candidates. The platform uses a predefined set of questions, eliminating any bias or inconsistency that may arise from manual reference checks. This standardization helps recruitment agencies make fair and objective decisions based on consistent information and for clients like you to receive verbatim responses that Recruiters haven’t edited to ensure placement. 


Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Xref generates detailed reports that present reference check results in a structured and easily understandable format. These reports allow recruiters to assess candidates’ suitability more effectively and make informed hiring decisions. Additionally, Xref’s analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into trends, patterns, and reference feedback, enabling Globe to improve our overall recruitment processes & service. As part of our client onboarding, we can work with you to incorporate dedicated client questionnaires and tailor references to your culture or role competencies. 


Fraud Detection: 

Xref identifies more than just the IP address like other providers; they pinpoint users’ devices, geolocation, web browsers, and internet providers to deliver a more accurate detection of fraud, adding increased protection to our customers from bad hires who will inevitably not work out and create further recruitment/training costs. 


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