Are you attracting and retaining great candidates?

The construction industry is one of the largest in Australia, responsible for employing millions of workers.

It could then stand to reason that this is also one of the industries suffering from widespread shortages of skilled workers. According to key findings from the National Skills Commission, Skills Priority List document, 153 occupations are experiencing shortages, with deficits most common in the Technicians and Trades Workers occupation group. 

These shortages are not new and have been a persistent problem for some time. The borders closing to skilled migrants and international workers exacerbated the situation and left a big hole that overseas and interstate residents would have once filled.  

For many companies, the pandemic has been the first time they have had to ‘figure out’ a reasonable and long-term strategy to recruit and retain quality workers. 

In some cases, further pressure has been added with the best candidates being snapped up fast and skilled talent having the luxury of choosing which role or company they’re working for.

Almost every business knows that replacing and finding new staff can be costly and time-consuming. Many companies are now looking to experts in the recruitment industry for assistance and support. 

It is essential to understand how the relationship works between employer and job seeker or ideal candidate. 

Why do some companies lose their top talent?

Staff may want to leave you for many reasons, and while compensation may be the most vital driver of employer choice, it does not work in isolation. 

Employees also want to feel valued and respected, and many factors come into play in deciding to move on, including the following. 

  • Management doesn’t listen – this is one of the most significant ways to drive out a quality workforce.
  • Lack of engagement and career development – staff can feel more valued when offered additional opportunities for growth and duties at a higher level.
  • Failure to identify or manage conflict – workers will look to greener pastures and move on if they feel uncomfortable, safe, and heard in the workplace.
  • Poor communication (or lack) of Company Vision – workers perceive this as having a lack of ownership or direction, resulting in feelings of an unstable workplace.  
  • Ineffective leadership – when management is confused or uninterested, staff can also adopt a lack of direction and purpose, encouraging them to look elsewhere.

Working with agencies and companies such as Globe Group is beneficial for all parties. It gives employers access to the best quality candidates and provides job seekers with the best opportunities to find positions where their skill sets are valued.

A company with a history of little or no turnover indicates satisfaction and harmony in the workplace. This can be an attractive environment to investigate further.

When staff feel valued and respected, they will work harder, often going above and beyond expected expectations. 

While paying top dollar for quality talent is always ideal, there are many other ways to value candidates that won’t break the bank:

  • Bonuses, discounts, and freebies – movie tickets, half or short-day opportunities, company products or other discounts create attractive incentives.
  • Interesting and diverse work – providing the opportunity to work in various areas or roles can keep workers mentally and physically motivated.
  • Development opportunities – training, leadership, mentoring, or coaching opportunities demonstrate trust in the staff and incentivise a good work ethic.
  • Minimal team changes promote stability and encourage the team’s gelling, building, and growth. 
  • Lifestyle– providing work/life balance where possible, including flexibility and reduced hours, makes staff feel valued.

A candidate–employer relationship needs to be balanced and requires a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties to work efficiently and effectively.  

One of the best questions a company can ask is, ‘How do we position ourselves as the preferred choice over our competitors?’. 

When this question is answered and forms part of the organisational culture, it can be incorporated into recruitment materials and be a vital topic of discussion with prospective talent. 

Knowing what your ideal candidate wants is equally as important as demonstrating what you as a company have to offer.  

Globe Group has continued to be a robust and reliable bridge between businesses and skilled workers for over a decade. We believe in building quality long-term relationships with clients and candidates and are prepared to put in the time. 

We demonstrate this by promoting and engaging in transparency through open and honest communication and regular in-person site visits. 

We believe that a great team makes a great business, and we work hard to match our clients with the best quality candidates available.

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