Skilled Labour Hire: The Construction Industry’s Agile Workforce

As the construction industry evolves, agility in the face of fluctuating demands is becoming a vital puzzle piece. Businesses that can seamlessly adapt between projects of different scale and scope set themselves leagues ahead of their competition! One of the fundamentals when it comes to achieving such agility is a flexible workforce, that can be adapted in accordance with the task at hand.

This is where labour hire with Globe Group comes in. Our exemplary pool of fully vetted workers are ready to help you meet your goals. Collaborating with our team of skilled labour hire specialists will mean that you can rely on having the right candidates on hand, in the moment. Let’s explore how labour hire can make your business more agile moving into the future!

An On Demand Work Force

When an opportunity arises to take on a large project, with a fast turn around, worrying about whether you can deliver is the last thing you need. Working alongside a labour hire company means that you can expand your work force to meet the demands of the job, as and when you need to. Whether it’s day to day, or month to month, you can scale your team up and down, making sure that you’re always on schedule. Your time management can be on-point, and your labour costs can always reflect your revenue. There won’t be any need to have team members waiting around between tasks, because you, and your core crew, can dictate the flow of activity as required.


Exposure For Your Core Team

Staff retention is always a sign of a fantastic business. This does, however, mean that your company culture doesn’t get fresh life breathed into it as often as it could. Labour hire employees are always shifting between different businesses, picking up lots of different approaches. Collaborating with temporary labour hire workers can give your team the chance to pick up new practices and different techniques. A through-flow of workers who can share their industry insights can help your business stay fresh, vibrant, and on the cutting edge of your field.


Expand Your Skill Set

With new technology permeating the construction industry all the time, assimilating new practices into your core team’s skill set can be quite a strain. Being able to tap into a skilled labour hire pool of candidates whenever you need to can eliminate this pressure. You can feel confident taking contracts that call for niche skills. Experience knowing that your labour hire partnership gives you access to the exact types of talent that you need.


Minimise Paper Work So You Can Maximise Productivity

Globe Group are proud to be on the cutting edge when it comes to payroll management and exceeding industry standards. Collaborating with Globe Group means peace of mind that you have an ally beside you. From exemplary OH&S standards, to industrial relations, our advisory services can save you time and energy. Not to mention, it can help you avoid complications. Our state of the art approach to labour hire will allow you to reap great rewards. Anticipate an automated payroll system, featuring digital time sheets and pay calculations. The latest advances in technology mean that our tech can do the paperwork for you, while you focus on delivering phenomenal results!


Boost Team Morale

Labour hire recruitees coming into your team are going to be enthusiastic to start something new, and eager to show you what they can do. This kind of energy is always infectious, helping a whole team to work to their best level. When Globe Group vet candidates, we consider not only specific technical, and technological skills, but also interpersonal skills. We pride ourselves in placing workers that will quickly assimilate and gel with your own employees. A fantastic labour hire candidate will intuitively connect with the culture and ethos of your business, and strive to perpetuate it. Our mission to prioritise this is one of the many reasons why so many switch to Globe Group, and never go back!


Prioritise The Future

Building and sustaining a business with true longevity means being able to take steps today, to stay ahead tomorrow. Working with a skilled labour hire company can give you just the flexibility to do this. Personnel placements from Globe Group can afford so many opportunities. You can send employees on the latest training courses, knowing that it wont impact progress on your current projects. You can avoid burn out, by giving your staff time away when they need it. Keeping their work loads in balance offers a powerful boost towards maximum productivity. Incorporating everything that labour hire has to offer into your business strategy is a sure-fire path towards forward momentum, team loyalty, and future success!


Support for growing businesses

Globe Group is passionate about supporting growing businesses. Through supplying casual labour talent across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, solar, energy and more, Globe Group gives businesses the opportunity to ease into their team expansion.

Simply, this helps businesses to walk before they try to run.

Globe Group has offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Every day, we pair casual workers with big businesses right across Australia. If you’re looking for to commence casual construction work, or if you’re looking for talent to join your team on a casual basis – reach out to us today.


Globe Group provides recruitment solutions for QLD, NSW and VIC. With offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, we’re the workforce solutions group that make things happen.

Our easy online induction and safety training makes getting boots on the ground and talent in your team easier than ever.

Globe Group are experts in providing high-quality labour hire and trade solutions across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, manufacturing, transport, resources, logistics and more.

Whether you require one administration officer for the long-term, or, an entire workforce of labourers for casual construction work, Globe Group has the multi-industry expertise to deliver a hassle-free result that speaks for itself.

To hear more about our expert labour solutions, corporate hiring, trade services, and workforce management, get in touch today.