New Queensland Legislation Set To Transform Construction Industry And Ensure Fair Payment For Your Business

Remaining a market leader when it comes to meeting your skilled labour hire needs means always having a finger on the pulse of the latest industry developments. At Globe Group, we ensure that our intimate understanding of trends and regulations within construction sectors is on the cutting edge. This allows us to support you, not only in delivering exceptional personnel on any time-frame, but also as your business expands and grows towards it’s highest potential. With this in mind, Globe Group are enthused to report on new legislation that is set to protect construction industry professionals, delivering greater security in the realm of fair payment. 

New Legislation Introduced Into Parliament On 5 February 2020

The sweeping reforms introduced by this new bill will require procedural shifts throughout the Queensland construction industry. Changes are set to safeguard construction companies against non-payments. The Building Industry Fairness And Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 will call upon the private sector to make a shift to the use of Project Bank Accounts. This private sector extension will also enforce the renaming of project bank accounts to Project And Retention Trusts, aligning more accurately with the practical application of these accounts.

The Building Industry Fairness And Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 will also empower head contractors to be able to place a charge on land when not paid the adjudicated amount, amongst other powers. Penalties will also be introduced for contractees who fail to pay, or underpay amounts due under payment schedules. This bill serves to extend legislation made under the previous Building Industry Fairness Act’s reforms, as commenced on 10 November 2017. Present guidance indicates that the latest legislation will be brought into force on 1 July 2020.


Leading Change Across The National Construction Industry Landscape

Construction industry payment specialist, and creator of ProjectPay, Louise Stewart, explained that “Combined with technology, trust accounts will be hugely beneficial in transforming and protecting payments in the industry, which will benefit everyone down the supply chain.” After extensive campaigning for cascading trusts or Project Bank Accounts (PBAs) to be introduced in Australia, Stewart welcomed the new legislation, while expressing hope that other state and territory governments will take this proactive move within Queensland as a cue to embrace reformation momentum and follow suit.

This mirrors recommendations from industry veteran John Murray AM, and findings from a federal government review, indicating that trust accounts should be brought in across all projects, nation wide. Queensland is set to lead the way, forcing logistical changes within the state’s building and construction sectors. For an industry all too often plagued by delayed an non-payments, Stewart expressed hope that builders will embrace the latest technology, and transition towards greater financial security. This shift will allow businesses greater freedom to pursue cost effective solutions such as skilled labour hire, and focus on delivering the highest standards with confidence.

Advantageous Adjustments For The Building And Construction Industry

The Building Industry Fairness And Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 will call upon both contractors and contractees to adjust to new procedures and practices. Stewart drew comparison to the real estate industry, noting that “Real estate agents have adjusted to using trust accounts – and the construction industry now needs to do the same.” She also pointed out that the new legislation provides a clear path towards overcoming industry barriers: “To overcome the barriers of use, such as high levels of manual administration, the combination of technology and trust legislation that cascades down the supply chain is the answer. The Queensland government knows it, as does the WA government, which is due to release a new bill in April for industry consultation, requiring cascading trusts to be used on all government and private building projects over a certain threshold. Now it’s up to other governments to follow their lead.

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