Maximising Construction Project Profits With Labour Hire

Maximising Construction Project Profits With Labour Hire

The construction industry is a competitive world. Margins need to be carefully managed in the quest for maximum profitability. With so many variables in play, each element of uncertainty that can be eliminated means a larger portion of future profit will be secured. Why not give your business the competitive edge in collaboration with Globe Group’s outstanding labour hire services? Here, we will explore the value in partnership with an industry leading recruitment specialist. Globe Group can make meeting your skilled labour hire needs an effortless endeavour.

Outsource Your Labour Hire Needs And Save Valuable Time

Recruitment can be a time consuming process, between posting jobs, juggling applications, screening applicants, giving interviews and checking credentials. Labour hire with Globe Group means eliminating these drains on your busy schedule entirely. You can focus on investing your energy in your next priority project, and know that the recruitment process is already taken care of.

Working with Globe Group means knowing that a pool of high calibre candidates is at your disposal. We diligently select the best employees for each role required – from an extra pair of hands, to highly skilled specialists. With the quality of skilled labour hire assured, you can avoid the burden of additional training costs. We understand your industry, and strive to maintain a track record that speaks for itself. Anticipate an expertly screened selection of placement-matched candidates, full support from a labour hire company that holds the prosperity of your business as the highest priority!


A Skilled Labour Hire Workforce, On Demand

The nature and intensity of your staffing needs may vary dramatically over the course of a project. Partnering with a labour hire company like Globe Group will give you the power to expand and contract the size of your workforce, for maximum efficiency. Avoid the mismanagement of employee time by drawing on ready-to-go candidates. Globe Group employees will be there exactly when you need them.

Without labour hire support, employee administration can draw substantially from the resources of a construction company. Keep your ship tight with the assistance of Globe Group! We can lift the coordination of time sheets, tax compliance, superannuation, and all other elements of workforce management from your shoulders. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your employee paperwork is always in order. With coverage in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney areas, wherever your job location, we are ready to meet your recruitment needs.


A Modern Approach To Labour Hire And Management

Harnessing technological innovation allows us to unleash new levels of potential for both Globe Group and our clients. Digital and mobile time-sheets mean that you can manage your team on the go. Our next-generation recruitment system enables us to deftly navigate on-boarding and placement for maximum client gain. Our digital solutions ensure accuracy, while automation of tasks such as site safety audits ensures the highest levels of compliance.

Partnering with Globe Group means accessing a modern toolkit of resources. This will aid you in delivering faster and more effective results for your own clients. Embracing technology has allowed us to build a thriving network of dynamic businesses and resources, which we invite you to become a part of!


Tap Into Our Expert Understanding Of Employment Laws

Missteps in terms of Occupational Health and Safety regulations, or Federal/State employment laws can be costly. This can be hugely detrimental to the ongoing success of a business. Collaboration with Global Group will mean partnering with a labour hire expert operating at the highest standards.

Ensuring compliance, tending to worker compensation claims, and addressing public liability issues feature as part of our comprehensive pledge. If you require assistance in understanding and implementing broader OH&S practice, we offer additional support on an ad hoc basis. Our offices in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney areas are ready to guide you in local regulatory standards.


Create Resilience With Skilled Labour Hire At Your Fingertips

No matter how well we prepare, staff shortages can pop up at any turn. Sickness or injury can leave key team members out of action. You can find yourself in need of someone with a specific skill or qualification. Adding a labour hire company like Globe Group to your arsenal of resources means that we are always on hand to pick up the slack when the unexpected occurs.

If we don’t already have the perfect candidate within our extensive database, you can leave recruitment and screening in our capable hands. We take pride in seeking out talent that will exceed the expectations of businesses just like yours. This level of resilience means that you can continue to deliver your own outstanding results, on schedule and with precision. Discover Globe Groups capacity to maximise your profit and your confidence, with a labour hire service you can trust.


Support for growing businesses

Globe Group is passionate about supporting growing businesses. Through supplying casual labour talent across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, solar, energy and more, Globe Group gives businesses the opportunity to ease into their team expansion.

Simply, this helps businesses to walk before they try to run.

Globe Group has offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Every day, we pair casual workers with big businesses right across Australia. If you’re looking for to commence casual construction work, or if you’re looking for talent to join your team on a casual basis – reach out to us today.


Globe Group provides recruitment solutions for QLD, NSW and VIC. With offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, we’re the workforce solutions group that make things happen.

Our easy online induction and safety training makes getting boots on the ground and talent in your team easier than ever.

Globe Group are experts in providing high-quality labour hire and trade solutions across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, manufacturing, transport, resources, logistics and more.

Whether you require one administration officer for the long-term, or, an entire workforce of labourers for casual construction work, Globe Group has the multi-industry expertise to deliver a hassle-free result that speaks for itself.

To hear more about our expert labour solutions, corporate hiring, trade services and workforce management, get in touch today.