Lendlease Leads The Way With Australia’s First Carbon Neural Construction

As skilled labour hire specialists, Globe Group understands the importance of industry innovation and forward thinking practices. As governments and businesses across the world strive to meet ambitious carbon emission targets, international property and infrastructure group Lendlease has set the bar high, achieving a first within the construction industry. The Sydney headquartered group has delivered the first carbon neutral construction service within Australia. The Monash University’s Woodside Building For Technology And Design received Climate Active certification upon completion, making the achievement official.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Carbon Neutral Construction

In order to achieve Climate Active certification, carbon neutrality must be achieved in all areas, including the disposal of waste generated between site establishment through to project completion, alongside all diesel, petrol, natural gas and electricity used on the construction site. Lendlease achieved this feat by adopting a range of measures, from embracing bold energy efficiency initiatives on site, and purchasing carbon credits to offset remaining emissions from fuel and energy use. Monash University’s Sustainable Development Planner, Dr. Kendra Wasiluk, explained that “Monash is committed to achieving net zero emissions for its campuses by 2030. We are delighted that Lendlease shares our commitment, taking it a step further to deliver the first Climate Active certified carbon neutral construction service.

The sentiment employed by Lendlease in the construction was highly fitting, given the intended status of this ambitious construction project. The Monash University’s Woodside Building For Technology And Design is set to become one of the most energy efficient amongst large-scale commercial buildings in the southern hemisphere. Through it’s construction, Monash University is targetting the internationally-recognised Passive House standard. Partnering with Lendlease to complete such a green feat served as a natural collaboration; especially after Lendlease’s Barangaroo South recently claimed the first precinct-wide certification from Climate Active for carbon neutrality.


The Rising Trend For Carbon Neutral Constructors

Lendlease’s Australian arm has made notable strides towards establishing itself as an industry leader in terms of low carbon building practices. In mid-2019, the business became one of the first carbon neutral constructors in Australia. Lendlease chose to adopt green practices within its construction projects, and sealed their success by offsetting unavoidable emissions calculated at the end of the 2019 financial year. Monitoring of construction industry emissions is maintained thanks to the 2007 Energy Reporting Act, creating industry transparency and accountability.

As they strive to increase their positive impact within the construction industry, Lendlease not only provides carbon neutral construction services across Australia, but also work with clients to help them achieve independent certification for their own projects. General Manager Bill Alexandrakis, based at Lendlease’s Victoria location, explained that “Lendlease has a long-held view that truly great places should deliver positive environmental and social outcomes, alongside financial value. From the very outset, we are committed to achieving the highest sustainability credentials on our projects.


What Can Be Achieved When Businesses Cooperate In The Name Of Sustainability

Of Monash University, Wasiluk expressed that “Sustainability is a strategic priority for Monash and is at the heart of our decision making to realise our ambitions, striving to achieve excellence through our core operations to serve the good of our communities and environment.” This intention was perfectly mirrored by Lendlease, as Alexandrakis shared their perspective that “Tackling climate action is key to our decarbonisation strategy and sustainability commitment, and we are extremely proud to have pioneered this construction service approach for our industry.” He went on with optimism, stating that “This achievement demonstrates what can be achieved when like-minded organisations share in a sustainability vision and ambition. We look forward to partnering with more of our clients to achieve further carbon neutral construction certifications.

At Globe Group, we make it our mission to tap into the ever-evolving goals and priorities of the industries with which we collaborate. When it comes to building and construction, we provide cutting edge support through innovative technology, and specialist and skilled labour hire. Whatever the ambitions of your business, trust Globe Group to provide the labour hire solutions that will get you there faster. Our track record speaks for itself, demonstrating that we are always ready to share your vision – and help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today to discover how labour hire with Globe Group can help you move towards carbon neutrality, and many other forward thinking objectives.


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