Quality labour hire companies make it simple for trades and labourers to strike an ideal work/life balance through casual employment.

When you partner with Queensland’s favourite labour hire and workforce recruitment company, finding casual construction work and fulfilling project-based work is simple.

Casual employment rates in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria have remained steady for the past 20 years.

The ABC reports that from 1997-2017, casual workers made up around 25% of the Australian workforce.

The myriad benefits of casual employment in Australia has led to an ongoing demand for casual working conditions from employers and employees.

Globe Group have been involved in the labour hire industry for over a decade. During that time, we have connected thousands of skilled casual workers with a host of companies. From labour hire solutions for smaller landscaping jobs to major electrical and construction works – we’ve been involved in just about every casual labour hire project you can fathom.

Our lengthy experience in the industry means that our Brisbane-born labour hire company understands both employers and employees better than most.

What are some of the ways that workers benefit from casual employment?


Variety in workplace

In a 2015 study investigating the importance of work variety to job satisfaction, 85% of respondents rated variety of work to job satisfaction as either important or very important. This is supported by the 2019 World Happiness Report that identifies a correlation between variety at work and happiness.

This suggests that the benefits of employing variety in your work have far-reaching impacts on both satisfaction at work and in life more generally.

Linking with a labour hire company like Globe Group grants the labour hire workforce the capacity to enter a range of diverse workplaces, contribute to a variety of projects and meet plenty of new people. Through working with a labour hire company that has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast – the Globe Group workforce are given the opportunity to shake up their work life for the better.


Pick up new skills

Joining a well-regarded labour hire company is a fantastic way for workers to hone their talents and expand their skills.

Through pursuing a career where no two days are the same, casual workers are exposed to a variety of diverse projects and people. Many employees who have worked with Globe Group’s partner companies have completed projects alongside a range of different trades.
Through this, they have picked up boatloads of skills for future professional applications.

Employers will always look favourably upon those who are multi-skilled and comfortable working in a diverse range of environments. As many Globe Group labourers have found, undertaking casual construction work has been a fruitful career move.



One of the key reasons that talented trades hop on board with Globe Group’s multi-industry labour solutions is due to the flexible nature of labour hire work. Globe Group partners with a diverse range of quality businesses to provide reliable labour solutions across a range of trades and industries, including but not limited to: building & construction, civil & roads, manufacturing, landscaping, rail infrastructure, mining and solar.

Many members of Globe Group’s talented workforce are drawn to our casual recruitment services for the flexibility casual work provides.

Many casual job seekers have commitments outside of work. To make it simple for talented recruits to get started, Globe Group has developed a streamlined start-up process for new members of our labour solutions family. Online induction, safety training and thorough background checks gives employers the peace of mind that their hired labour is fit for work while keeping the process fuss-free for new employees.

Casual work is perfect for those who are seeking a healthy work/life balance, are pursuing other projects simultaneously or have family commitments. With the right labour hire company working for you, finding the right fit for your lifestyle is easy.


What are some of the ways that employers benefit from sourcing casual employees through a labour solutions company?

There are plenty of benefits to sourcing your talent through a reputable labour hire
company. We’ve listed just a couple of these perks below. For a more in-depth analysis of the benefits of working with a labour solutions company, check out this article.


Capacity to take on extra projects

Labour hire companies make it possible for businesses to bid for major projects. With a source of talented casual employees ready to work on a project-to-project basis, many businesses are able to tender for projects without having to hire permanent full-time employees that aren’t truly required.


Support for growing businesses

Globe Group is passionate about supporting growing businesses. Through supplying casual labour talent across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, solar, energy and more, Globe Group gives businesses the opportunity to ease into their team expansion.

Simply, this helps businesses to walk before they try to run.

Globe Group has offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Every day, we pair casual workers with big businesses right across Australia. If you’re looking for to commence casual construction work, or if you’re looking for talent to join your team on a casual basis – reach out to us today.


Globe Group provides recruitment solutions for QLD, NSW and VIC. With offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, we’re the workforce solutions group that make things happen.

Our easy online induction and safety training makes getting boots on the ground and talent in your team easier than ever.

Globe Group are experts in providing high-quality labour hire and trade solutions across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, manufacturing, transport, resources, logistics and more.

Whether you require one administration officer for the long-term, or, an entire workforce of labourers for casual construction work, Globe Group has the multi-industry expertise to deliver a hassle-free result that speaks for itself.

To hear more about our expert labour solutions, corporate hiring, trade services and workforce management, get in touch today.


Written by Amelia Fynes-Clinton for Globe Group