4 benefits of using a labour hire company to recruit talent for your business

For decades, labour hire has been a popular way for companies to enhance their workforce with trades, labourers and other skilled professionals.

With a wealth of industry experience under our tool belts, Globe Group knows the Australian labour hire sector better than most. Since Globe Group burst onto the labour hire scene all those years ago, we have expanded drastically. We now have offices in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

We’ve filled over 6,000 vacancies in the last year and supply appropriately skilled personnel to over 10 industries including landscaping, building and construction, and mining, resources and energy.

You could say we’ve been around the block a few times.

We believe our rich experience in the labour hire market gives us the authority to answer the question, “why should my business use labour hire?”.

While there’s so many benefits of using a trusted labour hire company, we’ve compiled our top 4 reasons on why we (and our clients) believe using a trusted labour hire company can change your business for the better.

Top Benefits:

1. Tap into a pool of candidates that have been expertly matched to you
2. Offload the task of recruitment and save time and money
3. Fast-moving and responsive labour solutions
4. Leave your workers’ HR, payroll and inductions to us


Tap into a pool of candidates that have been expertly matched to you

Globe Group maintains a candidate database that is brimming with talent. Each individual accepted into our database has undergone the appropriate online induction and has had their work history and qualifications verified. Whether you’re simply after boots on the ground for casual construction work or a project manager with a very particular specialised skill set, we can help you.

Globe Group’s recruitment and labour solutions mean that you can rest easy knowing that your new talent is going to fit seamlessly into the team. As it stands, in the thousands of personnel we’ve placed in jobs, 96% have had good or excellent performance comments reported.


Offload the task of recruitment and save time and money

As anyone that has attempted to source and recruit personnel for their business can tell you – it’s difficult. When you add the word ‘casual’ or ‘project-based’ into the mix, it can become even more complex.

For most business owners, spending hours sourcing, interviewing and verifying prospective workers’ qualifications means a loss of time that could be spent taking care of other matters.

The idea that sinking time into the recruitment phase is a ‘necessary evil’ couldn’t be more incorrect. When you choose a labour hire organisation like Globe Group, we handle every step of the recruitment process. For business owners, this translates into perfect fitting labour solutions with none of the wasted time, energy, resources and capital.


Fast-moving and responsive labour solutions

Labour hire is ideal for projects that need specific skills, quickly.

Whether you need a whole workforce of landscaping professionals on the same day, or an independent trades-person to assist your permanent team, Globe Group can help.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. No matter how organised your project is, sickness, injury, and unforeseen circumstances can leave you down an employee and racing the clock to get your project completed on time. This is where labour hire is especially beneficial.

Heralded for its flexibility, labour hire has the capacity to supply skilled personnel in tight turnarounds.

We specialise rapid labour solutions for:
– Labour hire – solar, energy, resources & mining
– Labour hire – construction and building
– Labour hire – landscaping
– Labour hire – electrical
– Labour hire – plumbing
– Labour hire – infrastructure
– Labour hire – civil and roads
– And so much more

It’s worth noting that while labour hire is a fantastic option for temporary work, it isn’t exclusively for temporary work.

Many Globe Group workers have started with a company in a temporary role and moved onto full-time work. Through working with the company on a casual basis, personnel develop a clear understanding of the work and how they fit within the company. This means that if a full-time role is required in the future, there is already a knowledgeable and skilled applicant ready to go.


Leave your workers’ HR, payroll and inductions to us

Globe Group are the recruitment company that doesn’t stop working once our candidates have been placed in roles. We take care of online inductions, payroll and HR for all of our supplied personnel. Our goal is to keep everything as simple as possible for our clients so you can focus on the more important things.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to outsource their entire payroll to us.

Utilising labour hire services has never been easier. Reach out to our friendly team of industry experts today to discuss how our labour solutions can make your business better.


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Our easy online induction and safety training makes getting boots on the ground and talent in your team easier than ever.

Globe Group are experts in providing high-quality labour hire and trade solutions across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, manufacturing, transport, resources, logistics and more.

Whether you require one administration officer for the long-term, or, an entire workforce of labourers for casual construction work, Globe Group has the multi-industry expertise to deliver a hassle-free result that speaks for itself.

To hear more about our expert labour solutions, corporate hiring, trade services and workforce management, get in touch today.


Written by Amelia Fynes-Clinton for Globe Group