Creating A Skilled Workforce Through Labour Hire Partnerships

Globe Group understand that delivering the best personnel for your business’s needs means cultivating a pool of candidates who not only display a diversity of skills, but who are versatile, engaged, and ready to assimilate your company ethos. As a results driven operation, we believe that exceeding the expectations of our clients lays the solid foundations upon which lasting and prosperous relationships can be built. In order to help you reach your goals faster, we not only identify and recruit the most talented individuals, but upskill the Globe Group workforce so that every party can flourish. Here, we will explore how an ongoing training strategy helps us further strengthen the reputation for excellence that we are proud to maintain.

A Versatile And Capable Workforce

The value to be discovered in delivering high-quality training to the Globe Group workforce is vastly multifaceted. We aim to help our personnel move steadily towards their potential, for a rewarding professional experience. Upskill training allows us to not only diversify the talents of each individual, but to ensure that they enter your team’s work environment with the latest industry knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of safety standards and compliance. For our personnel, expanding their skill-set also lends towards building a strong growth mindset. This is invaluable when it comes to entering new work environments with different cultures, practices, and strategies to adopt. Investing in the training of our workforce helps us ensure our success because it directly contributes to yours!


Attracting The Highest Caliber Of Personnel

At Globe Group, we know that our personnel are our greatest asset. Our dedication to the team can be seen in our innovative on-boarding process, our state of the art digital administrative systems, and our industry-leading diversity and inclusion strategy. Each element helps to foster a culture of trust and pro-activity, and lends to the strength of our team. Our reputation as a labour hire and recruitment specialist that takes upskilling seriously helps us attract personnel who want more from their career. Whether the individuals that work with us continue to act as invaluable contributors within our labour hire candidate pool, or whether they go on to a successful placement with one of the company’s that partners with us, we know that our drive to upskill our workforce are always a sound investment.


Retaining Talent At Globe Group

Nobody wants to experience a sense of stagnation in their working life. Thankfully, the simple antidote to stagnation is progression! We understand the importance of helping each individual hone their craft, and explore within their industry. Experience tells us that we will be rewarded with a workforce who love to come to work, and who relish in discovering the next challenge! Each member of the Globe Group team know that they are always fully supported, in the field, and through progressive opportunities. The resulting motivated, skilled, and reliable workforce are the magic ingredient in the Globe Group recipe. They have allowed our company to become one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, with a standard of excellence that just keeps getting better.


Effective Partnerships With Training Companies

Entering into joint ventures with leading training companies allows us to tap into on-the-pulse resources for each of the industries in which we specialize. We are able to not only provide personnel with the chance to further their talents, but to also maintain a balanced, diverse, and current skill-spectrum across the Globe Group workforce. This approach means that the upskilled personnel that we match with your unique labour hire needs will act as resources in their own rights – more than simply an extra pair of hands!

From Mining, Resources and Energy; through to Accounting and Finance; Bulding and Contruction; Manufacturing; and many other sectors: our comprehensive understanding of your industry will allow us to deliver unparalleled support to your business. The collaborative JVs that we maintain with specialist training companies mean that you can harness contemporary and dependable talent, as and when you need it. Experience the convenience of next-level labour hire, and allow Globe Group to help you reach your goals faster.


Support for growing businesses

Globe Group is passionate about supporting growing businesses. Through supplying casual labour talent across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, solar, energy and more, Globe Group gives businesses the opportunity to ease into their team expansion.

Simply, this helps businesses to walk before they try to run.

Globe Group has offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Every day, we pair casual workers with big businesses right across Australia. If you’re looking for to commence casual construction work, or if you’re looking for talent to join your team on a casual basis – reach out to us today.


Globe Group provides recruitment solutions for QLD, NSW and VIC. With offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, we’re the workforce solutions group that make things happen.

Our easy online induction and safety training makes getting boots on the ground and talent in your team easier than ever.

Globe Group are experts in providing high-quality labour hire and trade solutions across a range of industries including building, construction, landscaping, manufacturing, transport, resources, logistics and more.

Whether you require one administration officer for the long-term, or, an entire workforce of labourers for casual construction work, Globe Group has the multi-industry expertise to deliver a hassle-free result that speaks for itself.

To hear more about our expert labour solutions, corporate hiring, trade services, and workforce management, get in touch today.