Brisbane’s infrastructure overhaul: The cost of creating

Home of Milton Mangoes, the Great Brown Snake and the mighty ponies, there’s a lot to love about Brisbane.

By 2026, there will be a lot more to love about the Sunshine State’s capital, too, with more than $17 billion worth of infrastructure being installed.

As the Brisbane Times reports, the State government, Brisbane City Council and a multitude of private developers are either completing or working towards approvals for 10 infrastructure projects that promise to change the way Brisbanites and visitors alike,  experience our city.[1]

Between late 2018 and 2026, Brisbane’s cityscape will be enhanced by the Cross-River Rail, Queen’s Wharf, Brisbane Live, Brisbane Metro, Eagle Street’s new Waterfront Precinct, Brisbane Airport’s New Runway, Herston Quarter, West Village, Howard Smith Wharves and Brisbane’s International Cruise Terminal.

As anyone involved in the construction industry can tell you, with development, with improvement, comes disruption.

As Ruth McCosker reports, disruptions to Brisbane may come about due to the demolition of the Brisbane Transit Centre as part of the Cross-River Rail project, closed roads around Eagle Street as part of the Waterfront Precinct build and underground tunnelling at both the Cultural Centre and Adelaide Street as part of the Brisbane Metro development.

It’s worth considering that the cost of noise, traffic delays or some unsightly signifiers of construction now, will translate into jobs for our tradies and a flourishing tourism industry upon completion.

According to Geoff Hogg, The Star Entertainment Group Queensland’s managing director, it’s a case of short-term pain for long-term gain.

“We’ve got a tourism boom that’s coming, and people should be excited about it, accept a little bit of pain in the short term, but the opportunity for career growth, construction and ongoing jobs is unbelievable,” he said.

If you need something to get you through the traffic disruptions at Eagle Street, consider how these major infrastructure projects are developing a river of opportunity right through our city.

Written by Amelia Fynes-Clinton for Globe Group


[1] McCosker, R ‘Years of ‘disruption’ ahead while 10 major infrastructure projects built’, the Brisbane Times, 8 October 2018,, viewed 08 October 2018.