Are you taking a stick to a gunfight in your battle for quality workers?

According to survey results released in June 2021 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), more than a quarter (27%) of Australian businesses were still having difficulty finding qualified staff.

 “The most frequently reported reason was a lack of applicants 74%, followed by applicants not having the required skills 66%, international border closures 32% and job location 29%.”

This will not surprise many, as the great ‘skilled workers shortage’ continues into 2022. 

We know experienced quality people are out there; it just seems to be an ongoing battle to find skilled workers. Perhaps we are taking sticks to a gunfight? 

Remember the movie “The Intern”? It starred Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and told the story of a 70yo retired businessman looking to get back into the workforce. He applied for an intern position with an online fashion company and taught more than he thought he had to learn.

How about The Internship? The story of two old-school middle-aged salespeople who find themselves downsized. Despite being almost technologically illiterate, they find themselves working through a series of challenges to win coveted roles at Google headquarters. 

None of these people appeared to be ‘qualified’ for their applied roles, yet they all brought invaluable and priceless attributes and skillsets to the table. 

Perhaps it’s more of a job quality problem than a job quantity problem.

Companies need to go beyond their local job market to find the highest skilled employees in today’s environment. Emphasising the quality of positions and the benefits of working with your company over the competition will attract the right kind of candidates to you.

Experienced people in your target fields are often found in the least expected places.

Employers and recruiters often make the mistake of throwing an ad at every job board available as it appears to cast a wider net. In reality, it pays better to focus your energy on industry-specific boards for a more targeted approach and actively brainstorming for more ‘out of the box ideas. 

Many social media sites have dedicated job boards where people are looking for new opportunities, but active job seekers do not always prove to be the best candidates or workers. 

Word of mouth and referrals are still a preferred method of searching for employers and often result in top-quality workers being located significantly easier.

But before you rush out to create a flashy campaign around this prospecting method, consider these points:

• How do your current employees feel about the company?

• Would they speak highly of it and encourage others to join?

• Is there a misconception or false belief around salary, job security or advancements in your industry or workplace?

• And what of automation? How will this affect recruits?

• Why would qualified, experienced candidates choose to work at your company over the competition?

Ever-changing technology and digital advancements can often bring a sense of anxiety and fear around job security. These same changes presented as exciting opportunities for workers to evolve and grow their skillsets will reduce the increasing pool of capable people concerned they are no longer of value. 


Developing these skills through ongoing training and simplifying processes will empower current employees and further add to the positive culture of the whole organisation.

Connection and building community relationships with schools, community leaders, career counsellors and the general public can also help debunk myths and address any perceived industry-related concerns. 

Accurate, positive, and benefit-laden promotion can produce significant returns. It will also increase the likelihood of collaborators and current employees looking at their networks to see who they know. 

A referral program can work in conjunction with a ‘qualified candidate’ drive to find the best talent. It further demonstrates that you value your collaborators and the relationship.  

The pandemic has made attending trade fairs and events challenging, making it even more important to keep the benefits of working with your company quite clear. This will keep you front of mind with skilled workers and potential candidates. 

The next generation of professionals are today’s students, so developing connections with schools, technical colleges, and other training organisations will encourage those curious to check you out.

Construction remains a heavily male-dominated industry. Proactively working to make your workplace more inclusive can put you in a position of being an enticing prospect for interested candidates of any gender.

At Globe, we understand that skilled labour and a quality workforce enhance your company’s culture. We pride ourselves in continually looking for better strategies to keep the most qualified and experienced talent in construction coming back time and again. 

Our team at Globe will not leave any stone unturned, and our hiring attitude is not solely based on experience prospects. We investigate other valuable attributes and diverse skillsets that a candidate can bring to your table. 

The quality of your staff and contractors can directly impact the success of your organisation, and we only succeed when you do.

To find out more or experience working with Globe, get in touch or call us on (07) 3625 9999.